Shihan Sara Master 7th Dan Chief Instructor & Owner of BMA

With nearly 30 years of teaching experience and training, Shihan Sara is a 7th Degree Black Belt.  She has competed at national and international level throughout her career.  She started training at the age of 9 in shukokai karate and earned her black belt at the age of 14.  At 17 she joined the Welsh squad and won many competitions including 5 x national champion for kumite and kata.  She was selected to represent Wales in the world championship in 1997 in America, where she was placed 3rd in the competition Hyashi-Ha-Shto-Ruy-Kai.  Throughout the years of training and teaching Sensei Sara has trained with many world class martial artists including Tani-Sensei (10th Dan) – founder of shukokai karate, Kimura Sensei (10th Dan) and Sensei Nakayama.  Training around the world also allowed her to train under Darren Levine (Krav Maga) and Steven Sohn (Krav Maga Worldwide).  She has also gained her black belt in Krav Maga from Steven Sohn Krav Maga worldwide (March 2019).  Nowadays her focus is away from competitions and more for the passion she has to teach her students.  She wants to inspire students to be their best, and give them the confidence to stand up for themselves and keep themselves safe.