Why choose martial arts?
By Renshi Sara

To some martial arts is a sport that many have not had the opportunity to experience. But what can it do for children and adults? Adverts for martial arts state it teaches self respect, courtesy, determination, honour, discipline, humility, self control etc …..but how is this so? Is it possible to teach all these things under one sporting discipline. Well the answer with consistent training is an affirmative YES!!! Having taught martial arts for 20 + years from individuals age 3 1/2 – 60+years, I have witnessed that the benefits to every age are astonishing. It encompasses not just the physical aspect of sport but the mental and emotional side too.

It is not a sport where winning at all cost is the attitude, but the attitude of being the best you can be, is! Allowing children and adults to be themselves and learn and perform to the best of their ability is key to increasing anyones confidence and self esteem.
Traditional martial arts such as shukokai karate are truly a peaceful art, I teach students to walk or run away from a fight…as there is no shame in this. Having the skills and knowing you can defend and protect yourself is empowering and teaches us all whatever age to stand up to the bullies in this world.

Personally martial arts is a way of life, it’s not learning about one thing, its :-
* Learning to discipline oneself and your anger
* Controlling how we respond to others
* Teaching individuals how to protect themselves and their family
* Respecting others, especially in feedback
* Being able to lose at something, then finding the strength to get back up and carry on
* Learning to pursue a dream until the end