Martial arts is a long term commitment for all the family and here at BMA we understand the effort it takes to make it work. To train consistently week in, week out, year after year takes dedication, from the whole family. As a child I trained in Rhyl, Beaumaris and Llanrug (I trained at every opportunity). My parents drove me from Llanrug to Rhyl 3 times a week for this and then there were competition and referee training dates on top of this. My parents/brother did everything in their power to make it happen for me (for which I am truly grateful, the sacrifices they made between them were second to none) so I understand first hand the commitment it takes for you all to train and make it happen. What have I learnt over the years about commitment and dedication?? As parents/guardians it is great to show an interest in your child training- it makes them feel proud to show you what they have learnt- so if you do have the time, please come and watch your child. We all have busy schedules but we can all take a few moments, here and there to see what they have/are achieving. If you don’t have time then the Senseis will always be happy to catch you and let you know how your child is doing. Kids put us on a pedestal as parents – you are their lifeline and its important to be there for their successes as well as their failures. We need to encourage kids to try and fail – it’s how we learn and what’s the worst that can happen? I always had a give it a go attitude and over the years of competing and teaching I have learnt that a bit of tough love doesn’t go amiss – life isn’t always going to be rosy, if anything the knock backs definitely teach kids confidence and build them up.

So if there is a problem come and see us straight away, that’s why we’re a black belt school, we want to see our kids aspire and make it in life. We want to help each and every child that comes through the door and be a positive part of their journey in life. Throughout the years I’ve never met a parent that said they were glad they let their child quit ( they always wished they carried on). This process is a 3 way thing, what happens at home, school and with the child themselves.