Losing – the word that lots of people don’t like to use or admit to. But often losing in life and facing adversity can bring your life together and move forward to a better place. It is part of life. We have all won some, lost some. Victory is sweet but kids and adults alike need to learn that defeat is not the end if the world. Life is competitive! Some of us will win a race, spell better in a test (because we practiced more) and some may just be lucky. This means there are winners and losers but there are also a lot of people in between too. When I was fighting, I didn’t always win!! Before I started a winning streak I was losing all the time but learning, and not giving up when I was losing, helped me achieve even more. Losing made me want to try harder, so I learnt from it, the not giving up attitude and I’ll do better next time got me through those times. We can’t help feeling sad about losing, it’s good to show those emotions, because without emotions we wouldn’t have that will to carry on and fight for that win in life. It’s really important to appreciate what winning feels like, it makes you appreciate the wins/gains more. It definetly makes it more of a glory then when you do achieve.

Let’s look at recent events where by the England football team lost to Croatia, now the negative side of individuals will say it’s the same old story that they lost but really….. Looking at the positive side they were the youngest team ever to reach the semi final and its been 28 years since they last got to the semi final. So with them being the youngest team they can take a lot away from this as they all have the potential to play again for England in four years time.

So how can we help children become better losers?
1.  Explain chance – Talk to your child, explain why at times we win. Sometimes it’s because of the amount of effort you put in, sometimes it comes down to luck or winning can be a combination of both
2.  Practice losing – whether this be in playing board games, or ball games.
3..Be the best role model you can be to them, promote good sportsmanship.
4.  Always find a positive – keep the focus on the pleasure of the game or activity ( what did they enjoy the most). Don’t focus on the winning and losing alone

Remember whether you win or lose, you can choose to be a good winner and an even better loser, whether you are competing against others or yourself. Competition teaches kids to persevere with things and when you fail, it can lead to greater successes in the long run