How do you motivate yourself? To keep training once you have achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Dan….. Statistics show that many people achieve black belt then quit but of those few that stay with training what keeps us motivated?? We all lose the will to train at times but over the years I’ve learnt to ride that wave and stick with it and really how many 6th Dan’s are there in the country, that consistently teach and train themselves every week? A few I’m sure but maybe not as many as you think, that’s because it takes time and effort to stick with it. So how do we do it… You have to find your why? You have to motivate yourself! You have to set new goals! All these apply not only to my martial arts journey but also to everything I do in life. Like with many things in life, martial arts has brought me many highs and lows that’s the nature of sport in general! But with this, I have learnt many lessons. These lessons have what have kept me on track.

I’m lucky that I’ve had some good teachers over the years who have helped and inspired me. I’ve experienced different disciplines and cultures in martial arts throughout the world.
Once I stopped competition karate my new found goals were in teaching and passing on my knowledge to others, inspiring them to be the best they can be and to help them find their why. My advice is keep at it, it’s taken many years to get where you are and very few people stick with it past 2nd Dan, but if you can be that exception, be it.  Be a great role model for yourself.  

Thank you to all those that continue my journey with me and enjoy your training, after all that is what its all about…the fun, friendships and being the best you can be.  See you all on mat. Ooosahh!