Feeling anxious? At times we can all feel a little anxious or apprehensive. The situation we are all currently in can influence how we are currently feeling. For some of us we have experienced these feelings before and for some of us this is new. What is being anxious? It can be a feeling of unease, the feeling we’re not good enough, restlessness, increased heart rate, feeling nervous, afraid…it can present in many different formats.
Our brains are very powerful at painting the worst possible outcome!!
What can help us with these feelings? First of all try not to ignore them as trying not to think about it can make things worse. Try and apply logic to it too, anxiety doesn’t really like logic. The things that can help are talking and thinking about it. Be reassured that everyone is allowed to have a bad day, it’s not catastrophic. Don’t fight or ignore these feelings, instead try and work through them.
So what can we do?
1. Focus on what you can change.
2. Try and work out what is bothering you, maybe write your feelings down.
3. Allow yourself time, stop, breathe, relax (meditation, walk outside) – often we don’t allow ourselves time to stop, as this means we have to think.
4. Find a routine that works for you each day.
5. Talk – don’t be afraid to talk to someone.
6. Remember to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you are your own best friend.
Last but not least on the days you don’t feel like getting up to do anything these are the days you should train and do that workout anyway – it’s great for distraction and you will never regret it.
Take care and much love
Sensei Sara